Ghanaian Professors and academicians spend sleepless nights and resources to produce research outputs hoping the findings would inure to the collective development and benefit of the country and beyond. The issue of whether the research findings do find space to influence policy decisions and how, is an enigma. It is not clear to the public and the producers of the research, what the real impact is, which can be frustrating indeed for many researchers.

The common rhetoric that science and technology is the bedrock of the nation is too familiar to all and sundry. However, the outburst we often hear is that, the research base needed to support the science and technology requirement is gathering dust in the ivory tower. If the findings are used at all, there is no visible evidence of the producers of the research being credited. It is high time the ivory tower descended to the ground to establish real impact of academic research including how the Ghanaian Government has utilized such knowledge to influence policy decisions.

Researchers must be held accountable, so must the Government also be held accountable to explain to the public, what epistemology informs their policy decisions and the sources thereof.